Get the right replacement lid for your jar

Feb 9, 2023

Last Updated: Feb 10, 2023

You want to save your jar but the matching lid is missing or dead. But finding a match is deceptively difficult. 

To ensure you get the right replacement, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the kind of lid - so you know the right name to search
  2. Determine the correct diameter


Lid Types

The two most common types of jar lids are

  • Lug Lids (sometimes called Twist-Off Lids): These lids have raised rings or "lugs" on the inside edge that allow for a secure grip during the twisting motion. The jar itself will have multiple screw threads. 
  • Continuous Thread (CT) Lids (sometimes called Screw Lids): These lids have a single continuous screw thread on the inside of the lid that is screwed onto a matching thread on the jar. Mason jars have CT lids.   

Mason Jars:
The lids of mason jars often come in two pieces: (1) a CT screw band and (2) a flat lid. When getting replacement lids for Mason jars, you can purchase the 2 piece lids or a single CT lid. Replacements of both kinds are easily available online.


Lid Diameter

Now that you know the name of your lid, it's time to measure it.


Measure the diameter of the jar from the outside edge of the thread. The lid will be just slightly larger. So for example a jar that takes a 63mm lid will typically measure just under that ~61 - 62mm.

Common Sizes

  • Lug lids come in many sizes, with the most common being: 63mm, 70mm, and 82mm.
  • CT lids come in many sizes with the most common being: 43mm, 70mm, 83mm, and 89mm.
  • Mason jar lids  have two standard sizes: 
    • Regular Mouth (60mm)
    • Wide Mouth (76mm)

Lug Lid Height

  • Most lug lids are approximately 8mm thick but sometimes they are ~14mm
  • Most lug jars will fit both sizes as long as the diameter matches.

For further help with measuring lid sizes, see this measuring guide by LoveJars



Where to get replacement lids

  • Ask online through apps or in online communities.
  • Check online stores: Shopee & Amazon both sell various types of replacement lids.

Note that online stores only tend to have the most common sizes. 

If you are looking for a less common size, you will probably need to find it 2nd hand.




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