Package Pals


Package Pals is a circular packaging initiative for businesses & the Earth. Founded on the principles of Reduce and Reuse, PP seeks to give single-use packaging new life by collecting & distributing 2nd-hand packaging to local businesses for reuse. 

Package Pals was founded by two youths who met online via a Telegram community, during the circuit breaker in May 2020. Since then, the initiative has grown into a team of 20 volunteers who dedicate their time and effort to this cause.

“Our vision is to create a wasteless postal system. Since these ‘single-use’ packaging are made of good material and can actually be reused several times with minimal damage, this slows down the rate at which waste is being added to our bins.”

– Rachel Lee, co-founder of Package Pals


As of May 2024 there are two dropoff locations: Our Tampines Hub and The Sustainability Project in Bukit Batok. Follow them on social media for up to date info on dropoff locations.

Note that you can also donate packaging via mail or arrange for a meet-up. See their website for more info.

Accepted Items

❌❌ They do NOT take: food packaging, plastic bags, air pockets or air packets, paper honeycomb wrap, foam wrap ❌❌


Package Pals collects four main categories of packaging that are relatively clean and in usable condition: 

  • poly mailers (≥A5), 
  • paper envelopes (≥A4), 
  • bubble wrap (>A5), and 
  • padded envelopes (any size). 

Donors should remove their personal details from the packaging by writing over them with a permanent marker or wiping them off with nail polish remover.

A person uses a black marker to obscure information on a shipping label of a purple package.


More info on items taken:

Last Updated: Jun 3, 2024