All Sharetings' social media has gone dead since June 2023. We are unable to recommend the app at this time due to lack of updated info on its status.

Sharetings started as a freecyling app several years back but for much of 2022, the app was not functional as it was undergoing a revamp. During this time, Sharetings maintained a very active Telegram Channel where people freecycled hundreds of items every week. 

The app was relauched in late December 2022 and the Telegram group finally closed at the beginning of February 2023. 

We do not have updated info on the status of this app as of March 2024.

Accepted Items

Categories include books, clothes, food, kids stuff, toys, electronics, sports & outdoor, health & beauty, appliances, kitchen & dining, furniture, gardening, entertainment, recyclable materials.

Basically this is only limited by your imagination.

Last Updated: Mar 5, 2024