GoodHood.SG is a free digital platform to connect neighbours through the act of giving, lending, helping and sharing with one another. 

It's hard to capture all the things this app does. It's a place to share notices about local events and goings on, share pics of your fur kids, offer and request for help, and freecycle. 

The app is organised around the concept of neighbourhoods encouraging you to engage with those that live nearby. Depending where you live, that could mean many or few neighbours are on the app.

There is a sizeable freecycling community on the app and food giveaways are not restricted by expiry dates. Non-food freecycling is easy to filter by a large number of categories.

Givers can also restrict recipients to those who are Singpass verified and/or have accumulated enough reputation points in the system. 

Accepted Items

You can freecycle just about anything on this app. 

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2023