Six labeled recycling bins for metal cans, old clothes, plastic, paper, aluminum, and glass, each with specific color-coded slots.

Smart recycling boxes


Smart Recycling Boxes and Foodwaste Recycling Boxes are an initiative by 800Super that was piloted in early 2022 at 10 locations around Bishan East-Sin Ming. 

In June 2024, 800 Super announced that they will be rolling the boxes out to 83 more locations by end 2025 (See ST report here).

Recycling in this way, where users have to pre-sort their recyclables, is known as “single-stream” recycling ("SSR"). SSR tends to have much lower rates of contamination leading to overall improvements in recycling rates. 

You need to install the Recycling@800Super to use the boxes. There are plans to upgrade an replace the app by 1st August 2024.

Users earn credits when recycling. These can be exchanged for FairPrice vouchers.

Technical Issues

The system has experienced teething issues with boxes not always being available or the app not functioning. In some cases points were not credited. 



Please refer the the 800Super website for a list of locations. 

Accepted Items

All items that would typically go into a blue bin as well as clothes and food waste. 

The Old Clothes box specifically asks that you do not deposit Uniforms, Towels, Socks and Undergarments

Last Updated: Jul 4, 2024