Sports SG ongoing shoe recycling drive

Sports Shoe Bins


This is a permanent sports shoe donation drive led by Active SG in collaboration(25/2( with numerous partners including Dow, Alba, Decathlon, and BT Sports.

Give your used sports shoes a second life! Be part of this nationwide effort to recycle used sports shoes into materials that could be used for jogging tracks, fitness corners and playgrounds. 

Bins are located all over Singapore.

Sports Shoe Recycling Saga

This programme came under fire in early 2023 when it was discovered that one of the contractors engaged by operators of the programme was diverting shoes donated to sell for profit (that did not go back to the programme). See the report here

That contractor has since been removed from the programme and changes to the process change have been made to reduce the risk of theft and leakages. Read more here

Generally speaking, we recommend that if sport shoes are suitable for reuse or resale, you should give them to a suitable charity (see recommendations linked to Sports Shoes below). If they are not, then do donate them to this programme.

Accepted Items

All rubberised shoes including sports shoes, school shoes, and football boots without metal studs are accepted. Rubberized slippers and sandals without metal parts may be accepted too.

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2023