Salvation Army

The Salvation Army


The Salvation Army is indisputably the largest recipient and reseller of 2nd hand goods in Singapore.

However, and because of this, people tend to use them as a dumping ground - meaning people leave their waste items at Salvation Army locations without any consideration for the quality of those items.

Because the Salvation Army is overwhelmed with donations, particularly during peak season around Christmas and Chinese New Year, we have not suggested them as a donation option in

The overwhelming volumes of items donated to SA can lead to various problems including:

  1. contamination of other items in the dropoff bin (due to food waste or wet things),
  2. SA may be less motivated to find a new home for items as they can afford to be more picky - meaning the risk of something ending up as waste may (we don't know for sure) be higher.

We therefore recommend that you try find other recipients for your used items unless (1) there are no other options and (2) your used item is of high quality and will not burden them with managing yet more waste.

We do, however, highly encourage you to visit their thrift shop and help take all that stuff off their hands!


Drop-off your stuff at their designated Donation Booths

Accepted Items


Last Updated: Dec 21, 2023