Cork Recycling: Organisations making a difference

Feb 4, 2023

With the advent of synthetic corks and mixed material corks, less and less companies are doing cork recycling.  Cork recycling requires “virgin” cork which is less common in some places.

While Singapore does not have cork recycling facilities, we can draw inspiration from these companies around the world:



ReCORK is a US company dedicated to the collection and recycling of wine corks. The company collects used wine corks through partnerships with wineries, retailers, and individuals, and repurposes them into a wide range of products, including floor tiles, shoe insoles, and yoga blocks.

Cork Forest Conservation Alliance

Cork Forest Conservation Alliance

The Cork Forest Conservation Alliance (CFCA), based in the US, operates a cork recycling program to reduce waste and conserve resources, working with individuals, wineries and organizations to promote sustainability and raise awareness about the importance of reducing waste. The program is part of the CFCA's larger mission to protect the world's cork forests and promote responsible cork production practices.


Amorim Cork Recycling


A global cork recycling program that operates in multiple countries and transforms corks into a variety of products. Amorim Cork Recycling is a subsidiary of the world's largest cork company, Amorim  of Portugal. The corks are repurposed into new products such as floor tiles, bulletin boards, and sports equipment. The program operates through partnerships with wine consumers, wineries, and retailers


Can Singapore ever do commercial cork recycling?

Corks coming into Singapore from all over the world make collecting all natural cork virtually impossible. And without a steady supply of high quality used corks, cork “recycling” in Singapore is probably always going to be relegated to art projects. 


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