Need Junk Removal in Singapore? Read this first.

Mar 20, 2023

Last Updated: May 31, 2024

Do you do collections?

No. is a reference website. We help you figure out the best ways to get rid of your stuff but we don't get rid of it for you.

Do you recommend any sustainable junk removal services?

Not at this time but we are researching it.

In general, we recommend removal services that are also recycling companies or who work closely with second-hand traders since they are experienced in minimizing waste and extracting the highest possible value from unwanted items.

While we don't endorse any particular company,  the following providers meet these criteria:

Haulers, moving companies, and those purely in the business of waste disposal may only be sending your stuff for incineration. 

Why do removal services charge? I'm giving them free stuff!

  • Your stuff is not worth as much as you think.
  • Junk removal is a business: people need to make a living.
  • Removal involves a lot of resources: transportation, storage, and logistics to get the item passed on, resold, or trashed.

But can't they sell it for profit?

If you think it has value, YOU can sell it!

But let's be honest: you want junk removal to avoid all the hassle that comes with listing items online:

  • taking photos
  • creating listings
  • managing an online account
  • answering questions
  • dealing with (often unreliable) potential buyers 

All that effort takes time. If you want someone else to do it, you need to pay them for that effort.

What happens to my stuff if I hire a junk disposal service?

  • It depends a lot on what you are getting rid of.
  • Many items will get thrown away.
  • Items in good enough condition to be resold may get sold to 2nd hand dealers in bulk (eg clothes, appliances, etc).
  • Some items may get dismantled to extract valuable materials.

A company told me everything will get donated to charity. Is this true?

Probably not.

Charities in Singapore are overwhelmed with junk. 

Check out the charities section of our site. You will learn that every charity that takes donations in kind has strict limitations on quality and quantity of what they will take.

So while some of your items may end up being donated, much won't. 

Saying that, it is possible that they are simply dumping all unwanted items into a Salvation Army bin… So is that a charity donation? If the effect is that the Salvation Army are lumbered with the job of throwing the items out, then no. It's not a donation, it's a burden. 

So what should I do?

  1. If you want to maximise the value of your stuff, search Recyclopedia for recommendations of what to do with each item, or
  2. If you just want to get rid of things, pay for someone to take it away.

Of course we prefer (1) which reduces waste and it the most sustainable option. But it is also the most time consuming. 

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