The 3rd Sunday of every month is Tzu Chi Environmental Sustainability Day!

This event is held at 32 Locations island-wide. Read more about the activities of Tzu Chi here.

Why we love Tzu Chi

  • Materials are all separated carefully by volunteers to ensure no contamination - this includes separating different types of plastic and metal waste to maximize their value to recyclers
  • When recyclables are sorted this way, they are prized by recyclers  so chance of recycling goes way up
  • On top of that it is an act of charity: all proceeds get put back into the charitable works of Tzu Chi foundation.

We particularly like the fact that Tzu Chi deals directly with P&R glass recycling to ensure glass gets sent to recycling facilities in Malaysia. 

What's accepted

  • Paper: waste paper, envelope, book, newspaper, magazine, cardboard, carton box 
  • Aluminium: aluminium cans 
  • Metals: steel cans 
  • Hardware: copper, bronze, stainless steel, metal parts 
  • Electrical appliances (regulated and non-regulated e-waste): computer, TV, DVD player, fan, oven, rice cooker, lithium battery 
  • Clothing: shirts, pants, belt, handbag, shoes, backpack 
  • Glass: glass bottles, jars, and other containers

But please note they do not accept plastic.