Tzu Chi Singapore environmental sustainability day where you can recycle many items

Tzu Chi Sustainability Day


How much do we love Tzu Chi Environmental Sustainability Day? A LOT!

This is a monthly event usually held on the third Sunday of the month. 

Tzu Chi is a charity that has numerous programs to meet societal needs. Additionally, they have a strong environmental protection mission. 

On Environmental Sustainability Day, you can bring your recyclables to one of their collection points where they will be sorted by volunteers and then sold to recycling companies. The proceeds from those sales will be used to support their good works.

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Accepted Items
  • Paper: waste paper, envelope, book, newspaper, magazine, cardboard, carton box 
  • Aluminium: aluminium cans 
  • Metals: steel cans 
  • Hardware: copper, bronze, stainless steel, metal parts 
  • Electrical appliances (regulated and non-regulated e-waste): computer, TV, DVD player, fan, oven, rice cooker, lithium battery 
  • Clothing: shirts, pants, belt, handbag, shoes, backpack 
  • Glass: glass bottles, jars, and other containers

Do your part by pre-sorting the items you give to them to make their job easier!

Note: They take everything that can be recycled in blue bins EXCEPT plastic! Do not bring plastic to these events.

They also do not accept:
Polystyrene foam, PVC material, rubber & silicone containers, furniture, wood products, pottery, aquariums, mirror, pillows, diapers, undergarments, socks

Last Updated: Apr 2, 2024