Compost your food waste

Compost Collaborations by Project Black Gold


This initiative has been composted!

Note from the map makers: This map is updated as of 2021. We are exploring other ways to map, and will not be updating this map for the time being. 
- Foodscape collective and Project Black Gold.

The organisers now recommend you use apps like @sharewaste or @makesoil.


Compost collaborations was a mapping project connecting compost makers with those who have food scraps to give away. 

There is value of discovering and connecting with people who share your interest and live or work near you. We created the first map version in 2018 when we urgently needed to reach out to many individuals who would be willing to receive food waste from mass events for composting.

In the process of making that first map, we crowd-sourced data from people who identify as Compost Makers, and Food Scrap Givers. This seeded the beginnings of informal collaborations.

This is a Story Map to bring visibility to the budding food scrap composting movement in Singapore. The map is updated on an ad-hoc basis when our Map Maker volunteers have the capacity. 

Accepted Items

Vegetable scraps only. 

Last Updated: Mar 16, 2023