Divert for 2nd Life


Started in 2018, D2L is a volunteer organisation that rescues surplus food from businesses

D2L collects from a variety of businesses including bakeries, cafes, restaurants, grocers, distributors, wholesalers, hotels, retailers, and farms . 

D2L rescue whatever is unsellable, including food that is

  • expired
  • with damaged packaging, 
  • leftover at the end of the day
  • blemished or ugly 

Individual volunteers place the rescued food through their own distribution networks and/or through Good Hood app. Some of the rescuers are beneficiaries themselves.

If your business has surplus food you don't want to have go to waste, contact them to setup rescue arrangements.

Accepted Items

Any food that is still edible. 

Collected from businesses only. This is not for donations from individuals who have small quantities to give away. 

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2022