Oh boy. 

Expired food is a loaded topic! Some people are happy to eat just about anything that doesn't smell and think expiry dates are a conspiracy by food companies

Meanwhile others are convinced they will drop dead if they eat something one minute after midnight of the Best Before date.

Until there is Good Samaritan Food Donation protection in Singapore, charities will absolutely NOT accept food that is past the Best Before date and most require that food donations have at least 4-8 weeks left before expiry if not longer. 

About those dates…

There is a difference between the Expiry Date, the Best Before date, the Sell By date, and the Use By date.

Did you know? The term Expiry Date is not used by the Singapore Food Agency

Most non-refrigerated packaged items in Singapore tend to have a Best Before date though commonly people say Expiry Date to refer to this date.  Best Before indicates how long the food will be at its best taste and quality and does not mean the cutoff date for food safety.

Use By dates are for highly perishable food such as milk and yoghurt.

Sell by dates inform retailers when to take the item off the shelves.