Online Freecycle Groups


There are dozens of groups online where you can offer to giveaway your stuff and also get free items. 

They can be found on Facebook (search “Singapore” + "blessing" "give away" “don't throw” “giveaway” or "freecycle" ) as well as Telegram and Whatsapp. 

Some groups are specialised, example:

while other are for specific locations (eg East Freecycle).

Several of the groups have over 20k members. The freecycling scene is huge! 

Did you know? The original local freecycling group was a Yahoo mailing list. When Yahoo discontinued groups in 2020, that mailing list died with it. But by then, dozens of groups had sprung up online all over the place and people had long since moved away from such group mailing lists.


Most of these communities are found on Facebook

Accepted Items

Each community tends to have their own requirements for what can and cannot be listed. Some groups welcome any and all items while others are specifically for certain types of items (eg Books, Furniture, children's items, etc).

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2023