Save That Pen rescues old pens

Save That Pen


Save That Pen gives used and unwanted pens a new lease of life. They collect donated pens from around Singapore, refill them, and pass them on to underprivileged students in Singapore and the region. 

They also participated in the 2022 Share-a-Textbook fair giving out over 1,000 refurbished pen packages.

Pens that cannot be refilled or reused are stripped of their plastic and metal parts for recycling. STP also runs upcycling activities, turning used pen parts into creative items like pen lamps, stationery holders and pen art.

“As we move forward in our 2nd decade, Save That Pen is going to focus more on strategic partnerships that help us reach more Singapore residents in a way that challenges us all to rethink our relationship with everyday items in our lives.” (source)

Accepted Items
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2023