KGS Non-Regulated e-Waste Bins


For electronic waste which is not allowed in Alba e-Waste bins -  known as Unregulated or Non-regulated e-waste. 

KGS bins are located at some shopping centres and office buildings.

See also Metalo Non-regulated e-waste bins & SGRecycle-Virogreen non-regulated e-waste bins.


Map of Bin Locations - as at January 2024

Accepted Items

The following types of e-wastes can be disposed at KGS's bins. Please note that the list is non-exhaustive.

  • Game consoles (Xbox, Playstation, PS3), keyboard and mouse, docking stations, remote control
  • Kindle, Kobo, Nook, e-reader
  • Telephone (home, office), calculator, clocks, CCTV
  • Power supply, wires, cables, chargers, torch light
  • Headphones, earbuds, air-pods, camera, projector, Bluetooth speaker, remote control
  • Home systems (sound systems: amplifier, speaker, woofer, sound bar)
  • Thumb drive, portable hard disk, PCB board, SD cards
  • Rice cooker, electric kettle, hair dryer and straightener, air fryer, other small appliances
  • Fan, vacuum cleaner
  • Small medical equipment (blood pressure monitor, blood glucose monitor)
  • Smart watches and digital watches
  • Small misters, dehumidifiers, steamers
  • Digital Locks
  • Battery Charger

Devices must be able to fit through the 450mm x 150mm slot. Bulky e-waste that do not fit into bin's openings are not to be placed outside the bin. Regulated e-waste such as ICT equipment, portable batteries, bulbs and lamps are not accepted and shall be disposed in e-waste bins and collection avenues provided by ALBA only


Last Updated: Feb 26, 2024