If your appliance is working, see here: Small appliances (Working)

These kinds of electronics are “non-regulated e-waste.” 

Non-regulated e-waste* includes but is not limited to…

  • Game consoles (Xbox, Playstation, PS3), keyboard and mouse, docking stations, remote control
  • Kindle, Kobo, Nook, e-reader
  • Telephone (home, office), calculator, clocks, CCTV
  • Power supply, wires, cables, chargers, torch light
  • Headphones, earbuds, air-pods, camera, projector, Bluetooth speaker, remote control
  • Home systems (sound systems: amplifier, speaker, woofer, sound bar)
  • Thumb drive, portable hard disk, PCB board, SD cards
  • Rice cooker, electric kettle, hair dryer and straightener, air fryer, other small appliances
  • Fan, vacuum cleaner
  • Small medical equipment (blood pressure monitor, blood glucose monitor)
  • Smart watches and digital watches
  • Small misters, dehumidifiers, steamers
  • Digital Locks
  • Battery Charger

Confused? You are not alone. Read this: Understanding e-Waste.