Small Appliances & Electronics (Broken)

Old Electronics, Unregulated E-waste, Non-regulated E-waste, Laser disk player, CD player, DVD player, Blender, Clothes iron, Curling iron, Electric hot pot, Hotpot, Steamboat, Steam boat, Food processor, Hair dryer, Hairdryer, Hair straightener, Hot plate, Induction cooker, Juicer, Microwave, Mixer, Radio, Rice cooker, Sandwich maker, Sewing machine, Slow cooker, Speaker, Standing fan, Steamer, Telephone, Toaster, Toaster oven, Vacuum cleaner, Kettle, Food blender, Electric kettle, Game console, Xbox, Playstation, PS3, Nintendo, Unregulated e-waste, Ewaste, Portable sauna, Steamer, Steamer, Cameras, Blender, Electric toothbrush, Digital lock, Steamers, Grinder, Air purifier, Kitchen weighing scale, Kindle, Kobo, E-reader, Ereader, Nook, Digital alarm clock, Back massager, AC remote control, Led lcd clock, Smart watch, Digital watch, Blood pressure monitor, Blood glucose monitor, Medical equipment, Aircon remote controller, Hoover, Scanner, Cassette player, Vhs player, Vcr, Fax machinem, Paper shredder, Set up box, VR headset, Gaming console, Camcorder, Coffee machine, Nespresso machine, Uv steriliser, Digital safe box, Electronic Safe, Solar light, Slide projector

Blue Bins & Chutes

Other Recycling


Specialised Recycling

Small appliances are Non-regulated e-waste. There are special bins for such items! Non-regulated e-waste bins are dotted around the island. 

See the providers below for more info on these bins.

Metalo Non-regulated e-waste bins

KGS Non-Regulated e-Waste Bins


Specialised Recycling

In addition to unregulated e-waste bins, there are various places you can take these items to get recycled. 

Cash for Trash

Tzu Chi Sustainability Day

Karung Guni


Freecycle / Give Away

There is even an FB freecycle group for broken appliances. People may want it for parts or to try repair it.

Fixer Upper Giveaway SG

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Last Updated: May 19, 2024