Deposit used aluminum cans and plastic drink bottles in the Recycle and Save machines to receive cash discount coupons or rewards depending on the type and location of machine. 

Recycle N Save started a joint initiative by F&N and NEA to place 50 Smart Reverse Vending Machines across Singapore to encourage recycling of used plastic drink bottles and aluminium drink cans.

There are now plans to expand the network of machines to 400+ in order to support a national deposit system for plasic bottles and aluminum cans. Read More Here.


In addition to the Recycle-n-Save programme, Alba operates Reverse Vending Machines in Jurong under a pilot program with NEA. Machines may be found at  Yuhua Food Centre, Pioneer Mall and Science Centre Singapore. In total there are plans for up to 10 Reverse Vending Machines under this initiative as of mid 2022 with the expectation of more being rolled out for the national deposit scheme.