Disposable Clear Plastic Bottles

PET, PETE, Plastic #1, Polyethylene terephthalate, Water bottle, Drink bottle, Mineral water bottle, Carbonated drink bottle, Soft drink bottle, See-through, Drinking water bottle, Plastic water bottle, Juice bottle, Coke bottle

Blue Bins & Chutes

Other Recycling


Recycling Bins & Chutes

While Singapore's plastic recycling rates are low (this is not unique to Singapore and is a global issue) this PET plastic is one of the better ones to put in the blue bins. Make sure it is clean!

Blue Bins



Does the bottle have any food waste like oil or sauce? Do not recycle it. Throw it directly into the trash.

General Waste


Tips & Suggestions

PET is not intended for reuse. Never heat PET! Don't put it in the microwave or leave in a hot car. Store it away from sunlight. PET melts easily. 

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Last Updated: Jan 29, 2024