Cartoon mail carrier with "Singapore Post" bag holding packages, standing next to a smartpack recycling bin

Smartpac "Recycle" Bin


To our knowledge, these bins were created to drive traffic to Singpost offices.

Polymailers are not recyclable. 

The bins were created as part of a marketing campaign in 2023. Those who took selfies at the recycle bin had a chance of winning prizes.

We asked Singpost what they do with the polymailers but have not received a reply.

Given the lack of transparency, we do not currently recommend these bins for polymailer recycling. 

Give your used polymailers to Package Pals.


The Singpost website provides no info on these bins however social media posts indicate they are at every post office.

Accepted Items

Smartpac brand polymailers

Last Updated: Jun 3, 2024