Uniqlo Recycling Bins


If you have old Uniqlo clothes to give away, you can return them to the in-store recycling bin.

Uniqlo has been stepping up their local “recycling” programme - which is in fact a redistribution programme. Items that are still wearable will be laundered and distributed to those in need through a handful of local charity groups and family service centres. 

Likewise,  from time to time they will ship clothes to projects run by UNHCR in other countries. For instance in January of 2022, they shipped 50,000 pieces of clothes to a UNHCR project in Algeria. 


Initially, we were uncertain about endorsing Uniqlo because their website didn't provide sufficient information or transparency. But we have since engaged with them in-depth and discovered that they are genuinely committed to redistributing clothes in Singapore. Although they haven't made any public announcements about it yet, we anticipate that they will reveal more about their local redistribution initiatives before the end of 2023.

Vouchers? No!

No they do not give out vouchers for clothes donated, which is how we like it. When vouchers are given out, it starts to look more like marketing than genuine recycling.


All Uniqlo stores.
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Accepted Items

Only Uniqlo clothes. 

Last Updated: Apr 15, 2023