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Blue Bins & Chutes

Other Recycling


Specialised Recycling

Uniqlo will take back used Uniqlo clothes.

Uniqlo Recycling Bins


Buy or Sell

We love swap shops and swap events which enable a circular economy for clothes. 

Cloop Open Wardrobe

The Fashion Pulpit


Charitable Donation

While many thrift shops do not take clothes due to oversupply, there are still selected charities that will take clothes in good condition. 


2nd Hand Clothing Stores

Share Your Spare

Minds Shop

Red Cross Shops

Its Raining Raincoats

The Barn

Metta Welfare Association

Giving & Taking Free Stuff


Freecycle / Give Away

Freecycling is a great way to pass on your old clothes person-to-person. 

Singapore Really Really Free Market

Online Freecycle Groups




Freecycle / Give Away

Clothes in good condition passed on to donation drives or textile dealers are typically sold to 2nd hand clothing wholesalers who in turn sell them to markets around the region or even further. 

Door to Door Recycling Drives


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Last Updated: Jun 3, 2024