Can Shoes be Recycled in Singapore?

Sep 21, 2023

Can shoes be recycled? It depends!

Sports Shoes: Yes

IF the shoe is rubberised (ie has a rubber soul) then they can be recycled into sports tracks via the national sports shoe recycling programme. Bins are located all over the island. 

More info: Sports Shoes

Shoes in Good Condition: Yes

Most shoes cannot actually be “recycled” (ie broken down for reuse). 

But typically when people say they want to “recycle shoes” they usually mean they want to donate them for reuse. 

Great! But this is only possible when shoes are in very good condition. Singapore has a lot of waste shoes and charities get overwhelmed with donations that are unsuitable to be resold for fundraising or passed on to beneficiaries. So when making a donation, please be considerate. 

More info: Other Shoes & Boots

Shoes in Poor Condition: No

If they are neither rubberised or in good condition, throw those shoes in the trash.

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