While the bulk of Kloth's bins are in Malaysia, they now also have some at selected mosques in Singapore. 

They also operate pop-up bins as well as a pick-up service.

Similar to Cloop Life Line Bins, Kloth Cares Bins are provided in collaboration with Life Line Clothing Pte Ltd.


About Life Line Bins:

This is a one-stop bin to put all your clothing and textiles. New or old, in mint condition or shabby, you can put it all in.

Life Line Clothing works hard to make sure your old clothes don't end up in the incinerator or in landfill. They sort old clothes and textiles into 500 categories for various purposes including overseas markets, fabrics for upcycling fashion, and cleaning rags, among others thereby ensuring nothing goes to waste. 

This is very different than most operations which cherry pick the best items for resale and send the rest to be incinerated.

Life Line's sorting facilities are in Malaysia.

See a video about their operations here