NEA announced on 20 Sept 2022 that a national deposit scheme is planned for rollout in 2024.

The proposed scheme aims to increase the recycling rate of beverage containers in Singapore to 80 per cent.

Key points:

  • the scheme applies to all pre-packaged drinks in plastic bottles and metal cans between 150ml and 3 litres
  • drinks will be labelled with a deposit mark
  • consumers will have to pay an additional 10-20 cents “deposit” per container
  • they will get that deposit back when they return the container to a beverage container return points
  • the redemption will likely be cash or a digital transfer (details not yet public)
  • the return point consists of reverse vending machines and some manned counters
  • Return points will be set up at all supermarkets that are larger than 200 sqm
  • Other possible return locations include convenience stores and community centres

Read the ST article here.