Bag Sharing

Places that want your bags!


This is a list of places that will take clean surplus bags in good condition. See the map linked below for locations. 

In addition to the businesses above, most public libraries will also welcome bags to share with those needing them to take back their books. 

Use the feedback link below to recommend other names that belong on this list. Thanks!

Accepted Items
  • Most places only accept cloth bags or paper bags with handles - ie NO PLASTIC! 
  • Bags should be clean and in good condition. 
    • Shops generally want bags in excellent condition (like new)
    • The libraries just need sturdy bags fit for purpose
  • Libraries and book stores require bags strong enough to carry books! (duh).
  • When leaving bags at grocery stores, cloth and plastic are the best. Paper bags with handles are generally not big enough or sturdy enough for groceries and are easily damaged by moisture caused by leaks or chilled goods.
Last Updated: May 31, 2024