Note Plastify Singapore was previously known as The Plastic Project

Plastify upcycles post consumer plastic waste into new & useful items through plastic recycling. 

In addition to reducing the amount of plastic sent for incineration, their work also reduces consumer purchases made from virgin material.

Find out about volunteer opportunities and pop-up events by following them on social media.

Note: Due to oversupply, they occasionally stop accepting plastic donations.

Accepted Items

They usually take  #2 HDPE and sometimes #5 Polypropylene (PP) . They even sometimes do drives for medical masks which are made of PP (please check their Facebook page for details).

From time to time they PAUSE TAKING DONATIONS of either or both materials.

Please DOUBLE CHECK before bringing your plastic to them. 

Ensure your donations are (1) clean and dry and (2) have the labels removed


Plastify Donation Request
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2024