Pewter is a type of metal alloy that is made mostly of tin (90%), along with small amounts of copper, antimony, and sometimes other metals. It is a soft and malleable material that has been used for centuries to create decorative objects, tableware, and jewelry. 

Pewter items are often engraved, etched, or decorated with intricate designs, making them popular as gifts and collectibles. However all of this artistic work as zero value as scrap.

Recycling @ Royal Selangor

In Singapore, the most common pewter items found are made by Royal Selangor, a world-renowned pewter company based in Malaysia. 

Royal Selangor does not offer general pewter recycling services however, at Malaysian stores only, they will take back old Royal Selangor pieces for recycling and will offer trade-in value for these returns.

Per their website: “Pewter shavings, discontinued items, items which do not meet quality standards and cannot be repaired are melted and re-used to make new products.”