Karung Guni


The karung guni - also known as Cardboard Collectors - make a living off recyclables... but only those which have value!

When they do not want something, it means there is little to no market demand for the material and therefore it is probably not being recycled. They are the true recycling experts!

The public face of the Karung Guni recycling businesses are the elderly aunties and uncles who go around with trolleys collecting cardboard, cans, metal and small appliances. They in turn sell these to larger Karung Guni operators or at Cash for Trash events.

Because of the depressed prices of many recyclables, most of these people live in poverty. If you want to support them, offer your most valuable recyclables to them instead of bringing them to Cash for Trash

Accepted Items

Ask your local karung guni which items they accept. What they take can change time to time as the market price and demand for materials changes. 

Some are willing to take cardboard and cans. Some only take electronics. There is no hard and fast rule so check with them.

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2023