Cash for Trash

Cash for Trash


Cash-for-Trash is an incentive programme by Public Waste Collectors, where residents may bring their recyclables to the Cash-for-Trash stations and cash is given in exchange for some* recyclables. Check with your town council or public waste collector for details of the next event near you.

Note: different public waste collectors take different items and may pay different amounts. Check with your local public waste collector if you are unsure of what items they accept or how much they pay... or show up and try your luck.


*Note: Some recyclable items have a cash value of zero like plastic. In this case the cash for trash station may not take them.

Accepted Items

Items taken include Metal cans & tins, Newspapers, Books, Magazines, Cardboard & Other paper, Old clothing& bedsheets (in good condition), Small electrical appliances (sometimes).

Not taken or value of zero: plastic & glass.

Prices are subject to market forces and will change from time to time.

Last Updated: Jan 20, 2024