National Deposit Scheme Announceed in Singapore

National Deposit Scheme


In late September 2022 it was announced that Singapore is exploring the setup of a deposit and return scheme that may be rolled out in 2024  this has been postponed to 2025 or possibly later

Under the scheme, consumers would need to pay a returnable “deposit” on designated plastic bottles and aluminum cans. They can get this deposit back at Reverse Vending Machines when those bottles are returned.

What it means to consumers

  • there will be a deposit of 10-20 center per container
  • it will apply to all pre-packaged drinks in plastic bottles and metal cans between 150ml and 3 litres

What it means to businesses

The scheme encourages drink producers & retailers to promote recycling by giving them a financial incentive to increase recycling rates.

  1. Beverage producers and retailers are charged a fee by an administrator of the scheme for reach drink manufactured or imported
  2. This fee is passed on to consumers via a deposit add to the price of the drink
  3. when consumers return the containers for recycling at a collection point, they get the deposit back
  4. The scheme administrator sells the containers to waste companies
  5. Part of the revenue from the sales is used to fund the scheme's operating costs. 
  6. The remainder is distributed to beverage producers as an incentive to get them to encourage recycling.

Consultation Period

20 Sep 2022 - 14 Oct 2022 (Closed)

Last Updated: May 3, 2024