Cloop Life Line Bins


Shoes, clothes, underwear, bras, accessories, linen, pillows and more! These bins take almost all textiles.

The Cloop textile recycling bins operated by Life Line Clothing Pte Ltd recycling company are found in various locations around Singapore. 

This is a one-stop bin to put all your clothing and textiles. New or old, in mint condition or shabby, you can put it all in.

Life Line Clothing works hard to make sure your old clothes don't end up in the incinerator or in landfill. They sort old clothes and textiles into 500 categories for various purposes including overseas markets, fabrics for upcycling fashion, and cleaning rags, among others thereby ensuring nothing goes to waste. 

This is very different than most operations which cherry pick the best items for resale and send the rest to be incinerated.

Life Line's sorting facilities are in Malaysia.

See a video about their operations here.

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Ways to reach them:

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Click here for instructions on reporting bin issues.

Recyclopedia does not manage these bins or do textile collections. Please contact them directly with your queries or to report bin issues.

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Multiple locations around Singapore.  Most bins are open to the public but a few are for employees or residents only.

While often yellow, these bins come in many different colours. See map linked above.


Accepted Items

All items listed below should be clean.


  • clothes
  • pillows 
  • towels 
  • linens and fabric - remnants should be at least 50cm long.

Good reusable condition: underwear, bras, bags, shoes, handbags, accessories, belts, caps, hard and soft toys, household items such as sports equipment.

  • Reusable cannot be “recycled”. Please only give if they are suitable for reuse. They will be given away to relevant organisations or sold to 2nd hand dealers. 
  • Only deposit items that fit into the bin - for example a football is fine, an ice-hockey stick is not. Please put all such items in a plastic bag as described below.

Although it is not indicated on the side of the bin (per image below), we have confirmed with Life Line that these bins take both soft toys and hard plastic toys as well as sporting equipment as long as they are suitable for reuse - please no broken items or missing pieces.

Items Cloop Accepts

Please wash and dry everything before putting them in the bins. Soiled items will not be sorted and may end up thrown out.





Last Updated: Jan 28, 2024