Download the SG Recycle app and register an account to deposit waste paper in return for reward points. Always check the app before going to a machine to ensure the machine has capacity!

All paper must be clean with no grease stains, wax crayon, plastic lamination, or food waste.

We love this concept: special purpose paper recycling machines that ensure the paper stays clean and dry.  If you live near one of these machines, try it out. 

Unfortunately the machines do fill up fast and sometimes the app is not so accurate (it may show a machine is empty but it is actually full). 

Likewise, these machines do NOT give you the best price for paper (6 cents per kg). And because you can only withdraw when you have reached $10 in credit, you need to put in about 166kg of paper before you can get paid! So if you are recycling to make money, use Cash for Trash instead.