Understanding E-waste

Sep 1, 2022

Last Updated: Dec 23, 2022

In Singapore, there are broadly 2 types of electronic waste: regulated and non-regulated. 

The difference between regulated and non-regulated e-waste isn't intuitive. And, in an effort to “do the right thing” many people end up putting their e-waste in the wrong place. This is NOT laziness. People who wrongly put things in an e-waste bins are trying to recycle right. But it can be confusing. 

Let's stop shaming people and start educating them.

So what's the difference?

Regulated e-waste

This category is defined in Singapore's Resource Sustainability Act to include the following:

  • IT and Communication equipment (Printer, Computer, Desktop Monitor, Laptop, Tablet, Router, Modem, Wireless Access Point, Set-top Box, Switches, Network Hub, Mobile Telephone, IT peripherals)
  • Large Household appliances (Refrigerator, Air-conditioner, Television, Washing Machine Dryer)
  • Electric Mobility Devices (Personal Mobility Devices, Electric Mobility Scooter, Power Assisted Bicycle)
  • Batteries (Household batteries, Power banks, Industrial Battery ,Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Battery)
  • Bulbs aka Lamps (LED / Fluorescent / Incandescent Bulbs and Tubes)

Sellers of these items are obliged to take them back under the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Scheme for E-Waste. They may also be passed on to Alba through their many e-waste collection channels. 

Refer to Alba's website for more info and contact them if you have any questions about what they take. This document goes into more detail about regulated e-Waste.

Non-Regulated e-waste

This includes all other electronic devices. 


  • Small appliances and electronics
  • Game console, keyboard and mouse, docking stations, remote control
  • Telephone (home, office), calculator, clocks, CCTV
  • Power supply, wires, cables, chargers, torch light
  • Audio equipment (sound systems: amplifier, speaker, woofer, sound bar)
  • Headphones, earbuds, air-pods, camera, projector, Bluetooth speaker
  • Thumb drive, portable hard disk, PCB board, SD cards
  • Rice cooker, electric kettle, hair dryer and straightener, air fryer
  • Fan, vacuum cleaner
  • Small medical equipment (blood pressure monitor, blood glucose monitor)

These cannot be recycled through the Alba channels. 

For these, look for non-regulated e-waste bins, send to Cash for Trash or give to your Karung Guni.

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