3 In 1 Ewaste Bins By Alba  Singapore

3-in-1 e-Waste Bins


ALBA e-waste has stationed more than 300 e-waste bins (aka e-bins) across Singapore. The 3-in-1 e-Waste Bins are one of the 3 bin types deployed around Singapore . They can be found in public areas such as town centres, shopping malls, government buildings, Residents’ Committee Centres, community centres, supermarkets and retail outlets.

Note: The main bin's slot size is 50cm x 25cm

If your item does not fit in the bin, do NOT leave it outside. Consider other options for your e-waste. There are many. 

Accepted Items

Please remove all packaging unless item is damaged. In other words: remove items from boxes. Do not put boxes in the bins. 

Accepted E-Waste:

  • Batteries (AA, AAA, AAAA, D, C, 9-volt, Button Cell only) – circumference ≤ 50mm
  • Light Bulbs – circumference ≤ 100mm
  • ICT equipment: Printers, power banks, computers & laptops, mobile phones & tablets, network & set-top boxes, TVs & desktop monitors – devices must be able to fit through a 500mm x 250mm slot
  • ICT Peripherals: Mouse, Keyboards, Computer cables, Mobile phone wires, Headset, Headphones, Earpiece, Hard disk/external hard drive/ Thumb drive

Note that many electronic items DO NOT belong in the e-waste Bin. Read more about Unregulated E-waste here

Proper e-Waste Disposal
Last Updated: Jul 24, 2023