We're not usually fans of in-store clothing recycling programmes which are often just for marketing. 

Zara is an exception. 

The garments collected will be sorted before being reused or recycled. All garments which are 100% cotton, wool or polyester can be recycled into new fabrics. 

The rest of the clothing will be turned into materials for the construction and automotive sectors.

Donated items may be…

  • Donated to those in need
  • Marketed through the charitable channels used by the non-profit organisations to finance their social projects.
  • Reused and transformed into other textile products such as cloths.
  • Recycled into new fibres and materials for the construction and automotive sectors (seat filling, cushions, etc.).

The aim of this project is that, in addition to extending the useful life of your garments, we can have a positive impact on your community through collaboration with local organisations.

Accepted Items

You can donate any kind of clothing or fabrics you wish to recycle. They do not need to be from Zara. 

They do not require that the items are in good condition. 

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2023