2nd Hand Clothing Stores


There are many shops in that sell second hand clothes in Singapore. Some have been featured on Recyclopedia.

They do not all accept donations. Some source their clothes from 2nd hand wholesalers.

Generally speaking, stores that do accept donations are EXTREMELY selective: there is far more supply than demand so they can afford to be picky. Be prepared for them to reject a lot of items.

But don't worry, if they don't take your stuff, there is always the Cloop Lifeline bins

Shops mapped below include:

  • A Vintage Tale
  • Cloop 
  • Daisiesyard
  • Fumbles & Jumbles
  • Function 5
  • Honsie
  • Loop Garms
  • Lucky Thrifty
  • New2U
  • Nightingale Thrift
  • Poppin' Marketplace
  • Raid Revival
  • Refash
  • Reloved Collective
  • SSVP Shop
  • Superwasted
  • Swapholic
  • The Fashion Pulpit
  • The Therapist Thrift Shop
  • Thrifty Trendz
  • Vintage wknd

The google map linked above lists various 2nd hand shops including clothing stores.

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Last Updated: Jul 17, 2023