Chinese New Year is around the corner and that means one thing: spring cleaning the home and spring dumping on The Salvation Army.

OK maybe that's two things.

The overwhelming volumes of items donated to SA can lead to various problems including:

  • contamination of items in the dropoff bins & shelters
  • stuff getting wet when it spills out into the open due to over capacity
  • Salvation Army may be less motivated to find a new home for items as they can afford to be more picky plus they are overwhelmed with work to sort out all the stuff dumped on them: meaning the risk of something ending up as waste may be higher with SA than other charities dealing in smaller volumes.

Let's be clear: this is not the fault of The Salvation Army. They do what they can to cope. We all just have waaay to much surplus stuff and expecting them to magically re-home it all is unrealistic.

So How?

We HIGHLY recommend that you find other recipients for your used items and only use The Salvation Army as a last resort.

Here are 5 alternatives: 

#1 Put Clothes in a Cloop Life Line Bin


#2 Put Rubberized Shoes in a Sports Shoe Bin

Sports SG ongoing shoe recycling drive

#3 Give away old books at a Book Exchange Corner at a Public Library

Free Shelves At The National Library

#4 Freecycle household items through online communities


#5 Bring your stuff to the next Singapore Really Really Free Market